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gỡ bỏ lệnh cấm

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Thank you for participating in our appeals process.

The server rules are clearly visible when you join the server.

You were first witnessed stealing car parts from players, and were sent a warning verbally in game as well as written telling you stealing was against server rules.

You were then witnessed baiting heli to attack another players base directly next to where you wanted to build. Again I spoke to you in game, and another warning was sent telling you that griefing & stealing was not acceptable on this server.

Finally, despite the server rules and the above warnings, you were then found to have actively & deliberately built into multiple other players build areas in order to gain access to steal from them.

Given the multiple warnings & opportunities you were given to review our rules, and given the sheer level of effort you went to in order to gain access to what wasnt yours shows significant intent. The ban will not be lifted in this case.






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