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PòpTatòes Banned 5 Days US Pure

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Offender: PòpTatòes  Steam ID  BM ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 4/5/2021  8:30 PM
Length: 5 days
Reason:  Looting

More Info (optional): 

Player waited for another player to open the loot room at satellite dish. Upon the door being opened they rushed in and looted everything in the room. The player that opened the room attempted to talk to the to explain that is considered stealing and is against the rules but they ignored them. I came in and tried to have the same conversation with the player. They kept repeating that another player did it to them yesterday when an admin wasn't on and they didn't catch the players name and nothing was done about it so "fair is fair". I repeatedly tried to explain that two wrongs don't make a right and looting under any circumstances is not allowed but they refused to cooperate and return the items. A 5 day ban has been issued to allow the player time to review the rules and reflect on their actions.

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