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US Pure Ban - Luka Dončić

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Offender: Luka Dončić BM:  Steam ID:
Server: US Pure
Time: 3:43pm (est)
Length: Permanent
Reason: Player Harassment & Stealing
More Info (Optional): Player was already console warned to stop harassing a player and to leave the player alone. Just after the warning was issued he called the player a couple vulgar names and made his way into the players base laughing and taking items from a fridge that didn't have a lock on it. He started eating as much as he could as to get rid/waste the consumables. Luka Dončić then went to the second floor to steal items from the players lockers. 

Luka Dončić was given an opportunity to play within RustEZ's rules and policies and chose instead to disregard the warning issued and continue to harass the player and gain entry into the players base with the sole purpose of griefing him. Such actions are not tolerated on our servers as we try to ensure a safe space for our player base to enjoy the game without the worries of toxicity and harassment that is so prevalent on other servers. For the continued harassment, griefing and theft by this player he is now banned from our wonderful servers. 

luka Doncic.PNG

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