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Offender: 蛋叔     steam     battlemetrics
Server: US PURE
Time: 3:54am EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: stealing/looting/base griefing
More Info (Optional): MorganaRaven at 09/10/2021 3:39 AM

player sent console warning for going into another players base and accessing the tc and boxes.

MorganaRaven at 09/10/2021 3:46 AM

kicked player and asked to re read rules and rejoin

MorganaRaven at 09/10/2021 3:47 AM

player console warned for breaking into a base and despawning items on the floor and taking stuff from several chests

MorganaRaven at 09/10/2021 3:57 AM

player went back into another base after being kicked to educate on server rules, and continued to enter a base and steal as soon as he spawned and was banned from server.




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