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US Pure Ban - 코코밥

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Offender: 코코밥  battlemetrics      Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:02 pm (eastern)
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Stealing

More Info (Optional): 

코코밥 was going into players bases and was first spoken to earlier this afternoon by an admin and explained the rules at which time a console warning was sent.

Just after 코코밥 first verbal and console warning they again went into another players base through base exploits and was verbally as well as console warned once again by another admin and informed that no other warnings will be given and any other raiding, stealing or harassments will result in a ban from server.

코코밥 went into a base across from where he built his and started to go through the bases storage containers and deployables in front of the owners. The owners informed me that he came over earlier and stole a garage door and immediately placed it on his base across the road but they didn't report it as they wanted to be good neighbors and didn't want to cause drama. 코코밥 took advantage of an opportunity to get back inside his neighbors base and steal multiple items. 

코코밥 has shown no remorse or reform nor intention to be a part of our rule abiding community. The multiple chances and warnings given were ignored and 코코밥 continued to repeatedly steal and raid from players and bases resulting in a permanent ban from our wonderful servers and community.





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