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Beginners guide to EZ Scourge servers – Low Grade Fuel, Quarries, moving around map efficiently & Net worth


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Low Grade Fuel

1)      Low Grade Fuel (LGF) is king. LGF is one of the primary drivers of net worth. Early in wipe always be looking for red barrels (especially around Dome & Satellite Dish). The goal is to refine your crude and use the LGF to run one of the public pump jacks (PJ’s) to produce more crude to rinse and repeat. These public PJ’s are instanced just for you, so nobody can steal your LGF or crude from them. Every LGF produces 1 crude in a PJ, which refines into 3 LGF so the return is nice.

2)      Public oil refineries exist at Outpost, Airfield, Water treatment, Train Yard & Dome. Until you can purchase or make one yourself take advantage of the free ones in the early stages of wipe.

3)      While EZ sells private pump jacks for $3.00 (many people take advantage of this and they can be leveled up to produce even more crude), there are 3 public PJ’s on the map. These free PJ’s are at Water Treatment, Train Yard & Power Plant. Initially focus on just keeping one of them running until you build up a little bit of LGF.

4)      Once you have enough LGF to keep a PJ running for more than an hour (they use 360 LGF/hr), then begin to use a second and finally a third. If kept running 24/7 a PJ will require 8,640 LGF, but will refine that into 25,920 LGF in a refinery.

5)      Using all three public PJ’s will cost 25,920 LGF per day, but refine into 77,760 LGF per day!! It will take 2-3 days before your production reaches this point, but once it does it is very easy to keep the PJ’s filled with LGF.

6)      Once you have a little scrap you can purchase an oil refinery at Outpost for your base. Depending on how often you log on and how many hours you play, I recommend anywhere from 3 to 6 oil refineries for your base eventually to efficiently refine the crude your PJ’s will be producing.



1)      3 different quarries exist in game: Stone, Sulfur & HQM. These are all instanced just for you, so nobody can steal your LGF or resources from them. All 3 quarries take the same amount of LGF to keep them running 24/7: 8640 LGF

2)      Stone quarry will produce both Stone and Metal Ore. Personally I do not feel this is worth the LGF especially early on, but once you have a surplus, feel free to run this. On Scourge I am not seeing published output of resources and it appears to be approximately half of the published numbers.

3)      Sulfur quarry will produce sulfur ore. I would not recommend running this quarry until you can keep your PJ’s running 24/7. Eventually you will be wanting the sulfur though for explosives (nice net worth). On Scourge I am not seeing published output of resources and it appears to be approximately half of the published numbers.

4)      HQM quarry will produce HQM ore. I begin to run this quarry usually on my second day on server as this will help produce massive amounts of scrap for you with minimal effort. On Scourge I am not seeing published output of resources and it appears to be approximately doubled the published numbers. This is close to 6,000 HQM ore which can sell for 12,000 scrap at bandit camp.


Moving Around the map

1)      Players may have up to 10 spawn points that can be used to teleport using the /home command. To efficiently move around the map, I strongly recommend creating 1x1 foundations around the map and placing a TC and a named sleeping bag of the monument. Be sure to place enough resources in the TC to last the duration of the wipe.

2)      The highest priority spawn points will be near the 3 public PJ’s (Water, Train & Power) as these will be used on a daily basis for sure.

3)      Use your remaining slots to place spawn points near your favorite monuments.

4)      Do not forget that the 3 quarries (Stone, Sulfur & HQM) along with Outpost and Bandit camp are free to teleport to using the /home command and will not use net worth. It will require net worth to travel back to your base though, so be prepared to F1 and use your extra backpack for the return trip. There is no need to have a spawn point for these places.

5)      To utilize your spawn points, move all your inventory & armor into your extra backpack first. Then simply F1 kill and select the spawn point you want to utilize. Keep in mind how large your extra backpack is (VIP or not) and ensure everything fits. If you find yourself running out of backpack space often, then place a large box on the foundation of your spawn points also and just make 2 trips.

6)      I am able to make the rounds to all 3 PJ’s and 3 quarries and get back home in around 10 minutes usually using the F1 method. Having these little bases is a huge timesaver especially if you are not good at flying a heli (such as myself!). This method also preserves your net worth since it will cost 200 net worth for each teleport. There are many other fun things to use your net worth on besides teleporting!


Net Worth

1)      Net worth is earned by killing zombies and by just being on the server. Unfortunately, neither of these will produce net worth very quickly.

2)      Utilizing the black market (/shop) and selling your surplus resources is the quickest way to earn more net worth.

3)      The 4 best ways to earn large amounts of net worth are HQM, hemp farms, pickle farms, & selling surplus LGF.

4)      The HQM quarry will produce enough HQM ore for approximately 12,000 scrap per day. This can be used to purchase smoke grenades at Outpost to recycle into gun powder and metal fragments to be used to make explosives. The excess metal frags can be sold for either more scrap or net worth. Explosives can be sold on the black market at the rate of 100 explosives for 500 net worth.

5)      Hemp farms can be made to grow your own hemp by using large amounts of planter boxes to plant seeds and grow your own hemp. This can then be harvested and sold for scrap at Bandit camp. Repeat the smoke grenade method to make explosives.

6)      Pickle farms are the process of buying large amounts of pickles at Bandit camp and placing them in many composters to produce large amounts of fertilizer. The fertilizer can be sold for scrap at Bandit camp. Repeat the smoke grenade method to make explosives.

7)      LGF can be sold outright to the black market at the rate of 10,000 LGF for 500 net worth.


Final note

This is just a basic guide to help new players understand how some on the server have hundreds of thousands in net worth. There are many other ways of efficiently gathering resources such as using Giant Excavator, but I wanted to keep this as short and simple as possible. This guide is also specific to the Scourge servers as I have not played on either Pure or Survival, and do not know the mechanics of those servers.


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