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Aмир Кроссавчик banned EU Scourge

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Offender: Aмир Кроссавчик
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 19:33 (BST)
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing
More Info (Optional): Player was spoken to on 3 separate occasions about building a ring of tc's around another players build in order to grief them. At first he was trying to tell me it was his base the tc's we encircling but the logs showed differently. After the second time he placed the tc's and was told to remove them, the player decided to build next to where he was griefing and subsequently went out into the map to find loot. It was shortly after, while dealing with another admin request, that i found the player once again placing a tc outside a random players base and run away. Once i had deal with the other issue i was attending to i went straight back to check on the offending player to find he was once again placing tc's around the base of the player he was griefing to begin with. At this point I decided to issue a ban. At the same time i was putting the ban through, other admins had found buildings from the same player that were blocking land and had completely encircled another random player and had also decided to issue a ban based on the notes on his account.

Screenshots of a couple of the tc's he placed when i caught him doing it again after 3 prior warnings. Followed by the stone base he had built around.






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