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US Pure Ban - ARTIK & 助けて!

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Offender: ARTIK      Battle Metrics     Steam Profile  &  助けて!    Battle Metrics     Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 12:50pm Eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding & Griefing
More Info (Optional): ARTIK was informed that the supply signal they were taking was a personal one and continued to take the items.
ARTIK and Teammate 助けて!took numerous and various modes of land, air and sea transports from other players using some to access bases through base exploits.
ARTIK and 助けて! raided a couple players bases and looted from players inventories while offline.

Due to the extent of raiding, greifing and harassing of players, bases, deployables and modes of transport on our server I opted to place a permanent ban on both players accounts to avoid any further gameplay disruptions within the US Pure community.

The amount of logs is substantial so included are only some of the logs. More available upon request. 









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