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US Pure Ban - 🔰 MimiSABO

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Offender: 🔰 MimiSABO     Battle Metrics      Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 10:20pm eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Stealing
More Info (Optional): 🔰 MimiSABO was first warned on 7/8/2021 for accessing a players base through a base exploit and stealing items from within.

🔰 MimiSABO was warned once again on 3/13/2024 for griefing/stealing and was warned in English and Turkish informing them of the server rules to ensure they understood and give them a chance to reform and be a part of our community.

I had a few reports of thefts and complaints of a player attempting to take modes of transport while the owner was present and warning them not to.
Upon investigation It was found that 🔰 MimiSABO accessed a fair number of player bases and raided from all deployables within the bases that they were able to; At times making a couple of trips to ensure they cleaned the player they were stealing from out of everything they could take.

🔰 MimiSABO was given every opportunity to adhere to the rules of our RustEZ servers and made the choice to steal, raid and grief from multiple members of our rule abiding community earning them a permanent ban from our servers.

Due to the extensive amount of logs I have only posted a few. More available upon request.




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