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US Scourge ban - ☯[ALo]LluviaEterna

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Offender: ☯[ALo]LluviaEterna Battlemetrics Steam
Later played as RJKDN
Server:  US Scourge
Time: 9:40pm EST
Length: Perm
Reason: Player griefed using attack heli on multiple buildings belonging to multiple players with team mate for looting purposes.


 i had to come back to mine to drop some stuff off and i see my base being destroying by an attack heli that i assume was dropped by ostaxrow since it was called out in the chat and when i land i see lluciaeterna in my base in the back allowing the heli to damage without any attempt at taking it down. several resources were missing.

Another player reported on discord, they had been heli griefed and looted.



obv the wipe is happening so it's a moot point but any way to look in the logs to see who used my brothers and mine houses to take rocket helos? They are just scrap now.

we lost pretty much everything. It killed me and I lost 15+ signals I had been saving these last few weeks. they apparently TC'd our bases too


[this is the offender renaming the victims sleeping bag and dying to attack heli]
5:43 AM  RJKDN: I just renamed a bag owned by 7656119xxxxxxxxxx to River Bae

5:43 AM RJKDN: I just renamed a bag owned by 7656119xxxxxxxxxx to River Bae

5:46 AM RJKDN[76561198386538320] has spawned

6:15 AM RJKDN was killed by Force

6:15 AM RJKDN[76561198386538320] has spawned

6:34 AM RJKDN was killed by patrolhelicopter (entity)

6:34 AM RJKDN[76561198386538320] has spawned


It was RJKDN that turned up on logs of all the 10+ refineries 4 large furnaces (, this is just a small selection that i screenshot that had their name on the logs.

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