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    Bad bears, sneaky wolves and too much wood being hard.


    Environment Changes

    Resource spawn has slightly been decreased to reduce server load and map clutter and to further safeguard resources we have refilled everything to ensure plentiful resource.

    Wildlife Changes

    It became obvious just how bad the bear and wolf population has become so we have decided to significantly reduce the population and spawn of these mystical creatures. We've also removed all current population so it may gradually increase to give new players a better chance at survival.

    Survival and Hunting

    If you're familiar with PVE servers then you're aware of the increased survival aspect of the game. We've introduced a new system that increases primal weapon damage which includes spears, bows, and crossbows. This does not include modern-day weapons such as rifles, pistols and any kind of explosives. This will make hunting more challenging and best of all more enjoyable.


    Soft Wipes

    We have introduced a new system that will aid the process of cleaning half built, old or simply just abandoned buildings by other players. If a building remains unused, uninhabited or unfinished it will be removed every one month cycle. This also includes inactive player buildings - If a player is inactive for an entire month all of their placeables and building plans will be removed.

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Glad to see the bear and wolf population have decreased. I can't count how many times I was taken down by a damn wolf within the first hour of play. Bears never got me as much, but I have had my share of those coming up from under the map and ruining my day.

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    I'm glad for this too. I didnt realize until after i built my base that a spawn point for bears and wolves was right beside my base. They kept spawning out of the same bush and if I was working outside my base, I was instantly attacked. I'd be happy if they were removed completely and just keep the nonviolent animals.

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