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    Better hunting, farming and raid prevention


    Environment Changes

    Resource nodes will now respawn as another node is harvested at a distance to prevent node camping. The quality of life has significantly been improved by more frequent node spawns and more quality nodes per area.

    Wildlife Changes

    We have a brand new spawn handle that adjusts based on a number of players online for optimal performance. Due to the abundance of player-built bases and placeables, we have also added additional spawn points to prevent animal corraling and spawn blocking. Wolves have been added back into our spawn list.


    PVE Improvements

    We've implemented new tools for our admins to utilize that gives them the ability to see who, when where and why. All looting is logged as well as entity damage. Logs will only be stored for a week as they tend to fill quickly.


    The system has been out for a couple weeks now but we just recently added vanilla support to this membership. Some perks will not be available on the vanilla server as we're very limited to what we can do without being considered modded. Significate perk changes include no instant crafting or smelting, kits, and no fuel consumption. To counter this we've added additional perks to VIP which include: Personal drop every 4 hours for online VIP players and permanent Recyclers.

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