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    EZ Community Update #1

    Here at RustEZ, there's one thing we are proud of, and that is all of you as a community.

    We love seeing all the amazing things you all make, and with our servers growing daily its so hard to see it all! Our EZ Community Updates will be an ongoing piece to celebrate and showcase your creativity and community spirit, as well as a little insight on recent and upcoming happenings.


    What's New?

    • As well as the ever present work done to improve general performance, we saw some changes & updates as well. Several changes were made with the pipes system to improve function for transferring and stacking items.
    • Additionally, the long awaited update of the /sil command on our modded servers was released to add support for photo frames & neon signs - we are so excited to see what you create!
    • Over the last few months we have been able to add our new servers in the Japan region. In particular our JP Pure server has been a huge success already! If you spend any time over there, you're likely to see Squog who takes over the role of Head Admin on JP Pure. Taking on Squog's previous role of Head admin on our AU Survival server is Sweet Tooth. Don't forget to say hi to them!


    DDR - Dance Dance in Rust!

    Check out this amazing build from US Survival player EatTheCrow - providing an epic dance party for their server!!


    Nap time?

    After all that dancing, we are pretty sure we would need a nap, and we know just the place for it - Peach has made a lovely daycare center on US Survival 

    image.png  image.png  image.png


    EZ to be wholesome

    This is what the RustEZ servers are all about. Positivity abound in our US Scourge server, with the wholesome message of the day. We love seeing this Community Love!! And speaking of wholesome... did you see this fluffing adorable bunny created by our resident artist TiffDust?!? 

    image.png    Untitled2.png


    Event Showcases

    Our EU Scourge Admin team put together the Twisted Metal Apocalypse Event 

    Rust 2024.04.15 -  image.png  Rust 2024.04.15 -

    The team on AU Survival caused some twisted metal of their own with their Rusty Speedway event

    image.png  image.png  image.png

    US Scourge decided to take the damage to each other with a classic round of Panic Platforms

    image.png  image.png  image.png



    This wipe, US Pure is running their Beginning Of Summer Build Contest so I'm sure we will see some amazing builds in the upcoming tours.

    Remember to keep an eye out in Announcements in both our forum & in the discord for any upcoming events!

    We need your help!

    We are super excited to see everything happening in the community - Did you make something cool this wipe and want to show it off? Were you super impressed by something done by another player that you think deserves to be seen? Was there an amazing event you took part in that you want to share?

    Let us know!!

    Send us your stories, pictures, updates - anything you think should be featured, and perhaps you will see it in one of these updates. You can either message me here in the website, or in Discord (Samakeen) to submit your work!

    Stay tuned for #2 folks!! 

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