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    Population Control??


    Your feedback is requested!
    We've noticed the abundance of hostile mobs but before we decrease the population further we would like your feedback on the matter. What's your stance on extreme survival? Is it enjoyable and do you feel new players are able to counter this element? We would like your feedback, ideas and most importantly suggestions on how to improve the wildlife system.

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    I joined the server for the first time yesterday and noticed a large amount of bears but didn't have any issues with them until after I got a base built. 
    They are a lot slower now than they used to be so avoiding them is easy when you're a fresh spawn/new player.
    Personally, being a PVE server, the numbers should be as they are, to give that difficulty level. But saying that, you do want to have fun and if you're being eaten alive every 5 minutes, I can see how that could dampen the fun factor a tad.

    Personally I like it the way it is, but others may now.

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    I remembered when I fresh spawned this wipe. Found a bow and arrows right away in a crate, and killed up to 4+ predatory animals with it. Though at times minor inconveniences, sometimes major when you get spawn camped, I feel its all part of the Rust experience. A very, very good source of food as well. 

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