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  • A lot of skins missing

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    I noticed quite a lot of skins missing... And it's been a while since I noticed but I never put a report in. So here it is. Neon boxes are gone among others. 

    But especially and most importantly my trashy black mesh crop top skin for the tank top is gone and I'm not ready to pay for it. Please could we add back the skins that we used to have? 😞


    Priority: High Server: Survival

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    I've just recently joined and am scrolling through older posts during server restart - IDK about tank top skins, etc., but you can still access certain skins like the Neon boxes. (Albeit, annoyingly): Go to page 2 and spam click the next page arrow; it might take a few tries, but you can skip past page 3 and land on 4 where the Neons and others are located.

    This same 'hidden pages' trick applies to a lot of the in-game items with 3 full pages of skins (AK, etc.)

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