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  • AIs missing on custom monuments for (EU) Pure

    • 10.8.19 Released

    Dear Support Team,

    i recognizted that the AIs which are supposed to protect the high loot around and inside custom monuments are missing.

    So far i can name the little road patrol post near Outpost at B10 / B11 and the big Airfield located in Antarctica.

    Those two Areas contain high and endgame loot (2 elite crates for road patrol and 1 locked and 3 elite crates at the airfield respectivly)

    I guess that any other AI ment to be located at custom monuments like doosmday bunker etc might be missing as well.

    Unfortunately this would leed to an early access towards high endgame equipment for everyone without any real PvE challenge.

    I hope you can and will fix the missing AIs so we as players will ahve some challenge along this monthly wipe.

    So far epxloring the new map is fun... but without any challenge might be boring after a week.


    Best regards

    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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