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    My computer croaked a while back, and I haven't been playing RUST for a few months, so I'm not sure if this is a change, a bug, or my bad memory.


    The public pumpjacks are putting out around 4,300 crude per 24 hours. Seems to me like it used to be around 8,600 per day. There's been issues on this server (AU Survival) with nodes giving double what they should, and I wondered if this were a similar bug. 


    Also, jpipes being discontinued sucks. lol.



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    Process rate was slowed down a few wipes ago so that's why your seeing less, its still 1:1 but now takes longer to process it.

    Nodes giving double resources is new to me and I will check this out and make sure its not skills that are effecting the return.

    Jpipes/Syncpipes is old tech the new industrial update replaces them and Death has made adjustments to include the like of pumpjacks and quarries. It does require a little more effort to set up but with the combination of pipes and electricity you can do the same and more with the new pipes.

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