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  • AU Scourge - Node Output Too High + Strange Acting Zombies

    • 1.22.22 Released

    This is a screencap of node outputs for One Stone node and one Sulfur node at 2,175 and 654, respectively. One metal Node gave me over 1,200 and 6 HQ. My mining level is relatively low at 18. This has been like this since I started on this server two days ago, but I just realized this. I believe EU Scourge was doing this too, when I was playing it earlier this week.  If Rust EZ changed the levels to reflect these amounts, please disregard.


    My second bug is the strange behavior of zombies near my base. I am on a hill above Launch and several times, zombies or small groups of zombies will run by me on their way to launch. They ignore me if I come close and they don't take damage if I shoot them. Very odd acting.


    That is all. Good day.


    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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    Did you happen to have been using an ore tea?

    Zombies, assuming they are still bugged, if aggroed by someone driving or flying or however, will head straight towards that person even if they've teleported across the map. I've logged in to a horde of them outside my base after being offline for a day.

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    No, I've never used any of the teas.


    I do aggro them alot while flying, and this would explain why they show up at my base alot. In this case, they are randomly running by my base and unable to be killed or distracted.

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