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  • [AU] - Scourge : Scrap stacking from npc vendor after 19th of may patch

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    If you have multiple stacks of scrap in your inventory and buy a lot of objects (so that you spend all of your scraps). The item you buy will be put in your inv. with the max stack limit (as intended), but the remaining scrap that's left will be dropped on the floor and be stacked.
    By doing this, you can :

    - Create stack of scrap using the smoke grenade vendor at outpost (tested and it works)

    - Create wood stack using the wood/stone trade vendor at outpost (tested and it works)

    - Create stone stack using the wood/stone trade vendor at outpost (not tested but it might work)

    - Create any stack of item that you buy thing with, at npc vendor (such as HQM, MF, LGF and cloth wich may be usefull in some situation. And also A-R pills, RGB cards, corn, fertilizer and fishes)

    Pic 1 : Setup for the glitch

    Take the scrap you want to stack, fill the rest of you inv. with a dump item and buy whatever (here wood because why not) with scrap (since it is the item we want to stack).

    Pic 2: inventory after buying the item

    Scrap spots are now filled with the bought item and the remaining scrap is thrown on the ground stacked (glitch part)

    Pic 3 : showing scrap stack ftw

    Sadl... Thankfully, it doesn't work for pickles, so I would consider keeping this bug as a feature for experienced players that may need a big stack of wood/stone/scrap for stocking purposes.

    Also, it doesn't work with player vending machines.

    Pic 1.png

    Pic 2.png

    Pic 3.png

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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