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    Howdy folks!


    Death asked me to report an auto-upgrade issue some of us are still having on the US Survival server. Auto-upgrade has been hit or miss for many of us since the beginning of the wipe. Sometimes, it kicks in, but most of the time, we'll hit the button and nothing happens. In the attached image, you can see my TC has enough stone and frags to upgrade two wood walking platforms I attached to my base last night, but they remain wood. Sometimes, if I move my TC or sign off/sign in, the Auto upgrade feature will kick in, but it's not been an automatic process by any means. I suspect it could be a side-effect from the enormity of my base. I DO have my entire base upgraded to sheet metal/armor at this point except for these two walking platforms, which was achieved by a combination of auto-upgrade and the wooden hammer. I will continue to monitor these two walking platforms throughout the day, to see if they are auto-upgrading.


    In another issue, the new "repair" feature of TCs on the Survival servers requires no materials in the TC to repair.  My heli tower continues to get repaired, even though I have only one High Quality metal in the TC. My base is on the shore of i21 on the US Survival server if anyone would like to come check out any of the issues I have reported. Feel free to do anything you need to test out the problems. Thank you.



    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    Auto upgrade works fine. It has to loop through every building block connected to the TC which means, if you're only wanting a certain chunk upgraded you'll have to wait for it to do its thing until it gets to those blocks. Instead of looping and running the checks until it finds a block to upgrade it does it in tasks to avoid performance degradation.

    As for the upkeep repair, I'll need to look into that.

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    Thanks, Death. Like I said, I think the size of my base is what is causing the long delays.


    Update: It's been 5 hours. and my wood has still not upgraded. Last wipe, the auto-upgrade mod worked flawlessly. Auto-upgrade has been on the whole 5 hours. I'm going to move my TC out to that area to see if that gets it to kick in. 


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    Hey Death, 

    I put 2,600 HQM in my TC to see if it would upgrade the sheet metal, and it began upgrading instantly. I could see the HQ disappearing from the TC. Meanwhile the wood is still wood. I'm going to upgrade the wood manually to sheet metal, and I'll only have armored upgrading left.


    I think the fact that I build those wood walkways last is the reason they weren't upgrading. Not sure. 






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