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  • Backpack vanishing on death.

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    I've recently rejoined the game after a bit of a hiatus, so I don't know if this is a bug or feature, but I though I would report it. On three separate occasions my backpack has disappeared with all the stuff in it upon death even if I revive immediately.. Once due to a fall, and twice due to fighting with a scientist. It's really frustrating because I end up losing a lot of valuable items such as the cards, fuses, resources etc.

    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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    if you are using all your clothing slots you will find that it has been dropped on the ground as the cloths get shuffled on a revive and if there isn't a free clothing slot it will get dropped on the ground

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    I thought I would provided some new info. So far since wipe it appears to be working correctly. If I have an empty slot it shows up in there and if not it will push one of my clothing items out and take it's place. (Both times it was the shorts. Odd choice but okay). It may have corrected itself with the wipe, but I will update if it happens again.

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