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    I have recently been asked to fill out this form as i have lost multiple stacks of fuel and scrap for no reason ....i play on the Aussie server , and mostly active when population is low or zero(as am in scotland)due to time diffrence 

    I have been putting fuel into my miner hat in my backpack and it has been vanishing sometimes (asked about it several times and wasn't told anything about any bug) , it has also been vanishing from my backpack (stacked itself) , fuel also disappears depending on piping . I play with a decent size team .. if 1 of my teammates do pipework it will work fine UNTIL he logs off then the fuel will just vanish within the pipes (can see it been moved from a container but doesn't go anywhere) 

    I have also lost alot of scrap from buying pickles ect from bandit , puttin max amount .. the vendor will fill ur inventory ... but charge u for whatever number u have put into the box (doesnt happen on other servers) , when i asked about it  ... a Admin told me that u drop the remaining scrap on the ground ... ive went bk and there has been nothing on the floor  

    Priority: High Server: Survival

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    Hi xPMx - thanks for logging a ticket on the RustEZ Website 🙂

    Wow that's quite the collection of issues!

    • Low-Grade Missing from Miners Hat
      This has been an ongoing issue with Rust for quite some time. Unfortunately, the Miners Hat just won't play nice with larger-than-normal stack sizes and occasionally eats extra fuel placed in your hat. This bug has been flagged with Facepunch on numerous occasions but doesn't seem to get much traction.
    • Low-Grade Missing from backpack
      • Does it disappear only whilst you are offline?
      • Are all stacks of Low-Grade removed? or only one?
      • Does anything else disappear?
    • Low-Grade Missing from pipes
      This can happen occasionally depending on whether an update to the Quarry/Pumpjack storage adapters has been pushed to the servers by Death. Typically all Low-Grade inside Quarries and attached containers are removed in this instance.
    • Playing with a large team
      Is it possible that one of the other team members is taking the Low-Grade from the containers? Perhaps try putting a codelock on the container and see whether this is a potential fix.
    • Losing Scrap at Bandit Camp
      We have a custom plugin that prevents players from purchasing oversized stacks of items at vendors. Typically your inventory will be filled to the max with the item you've purchased, and your scrap will remain in your inventory. This is a relatively recent addition to the servers and is going through continuing development. Let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
    • Signs & Boxes losing skins
      There is currently an issue with signs on the server - where it can only hold a certain number of signs in the server save file, and when the server restarts and reloads the save file it sets the 'unsaved' signs back to blank. It works on a "first come, first serve" basis with sign entities of smaller Identifier numbers being prioritised.

      Rust has a long-standing glitch with boxes losing their skins (or sometimes changing into skins that you don't own) when you teleport into your base from another location. This is typically resolved by moving away from your base for ~30 seconds and then returning to your base.

    I hope that helps - let us know if there's anything else we can do!

    • Squog
    [AU] Survival Head Admin

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