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    hi, ive noticed recently that the wheel on au scourge is very different compared to other servers. the probability is very different on your server's wheel compared to others. i was wondering if this is something you and your team could look into as i myself have never seen the number 5 been rolled 6 times in a row or 20 being rolled twice in a row in any server for that matter. it is a 50% chance for the wheel to land on number 1 yet the wheel seems to land on number 5 more than number 1. Also the left side of the wheel has a 65% chance of landing on that side yet rolls on the right hand side more. Please look into this for us gamblers and let me know if you can do anything about it. thanks

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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    The percentage rates you quote are to do with the amount of the different numbers on the gambling wheel not the percentage rate that they will land on them. If you liken the gambling wheel to a roulette table it will give you a better understanding on your chance to win. The gambling wheel much like the roulette table is a game of chance

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    yes but according to the stats it has a 48% chance on landing on number 1. it is a 24% chance it lands on number 3, 16% chance it lands on number 5, 8% chance of landing on 10 and 4% chance on landing on 20. Yet according to my calculations after watching the wheel and getting numbers it landed on number 3 12% of the time, landed on number 1 44% of the time and 32% chance of it landed on 5. Significantly more than what the stats should be. I have run this test over the past 3 days and the results are more accurate with my calculations than what they are supposed to be. Not to mention the number 20 should be hitting every 25 spins yet seems to land more every 15 -20 spins give or take.

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    again the gambling wheel is a game of chance not a game of statistics. the statistics that you quote to are only the perceived chance as evidenced by the numbers you have given. please google it but replace the words gambling wheel with the word roulette and it will give you a better idea on your chances to win. the gambling wheel much like roulette lands on a random number not a number based on statistics

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