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  • Bug with TP

    • 7.10.19 Released

    Last night we had an odd bug with the /TPA feature. A friend in my list (KoolDrMoney22) had requested a TP. I didnt bother to accept or decline since I was flying back to the base he was at. An hour later we were doing the cargo ship (Varnos) wanted to catch up to us. KoolDrMoney22 was on the cargo ship and I had stayed in a RHIB boat so I could have Varnos TP to us. Varnos sent the request but he crashed when he got back on I did a /TPA.

    I got two messages saying both KoolDrMoney22 and Varnos will TP to me. KoolDrMoney22 who is currently on the cargo ship did do a TP Varnos did not do a TP. But he (KoolDrMoney22) glitched in the map and proceeded to be dragged behind the cargo ship. I tried to catch up to him but he was being dragged in a zigzag pattern. It finally stopped when he drowned but it took awhile. like 10 mins till it let him drown.

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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