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    So today I encountered a very strange glitch while building my wind turbine towers. How I build my towers is very simple 4 wall frames in a square in the corner of my base on the roof stacking upward with a square floor frame for the turbine to sit on and 3 triangle floor frames branching out for siren lights to alert flyers. I build a total of 4. The total height is about 11 stories high, my base being two stories high with the towers being an additional 9 stories. I've done this before in previous wipes on top of small hills before and have had no issues. This time I'm not even on a hill so height should not be a problem. My first tower went up no issues. My second tower let me get to height but wouldn't let me put in the triangle floor sections. They just fell off like there was no support. The third tower wouldn't go to full height. It's one story short and won't let me put the triangle floors in on it either. The fourth tower is the same as the second. I'm not getting any errors or anything. The build just falls away like there's no support even though it shouldn't as I have one tower that worked just fine and I'm not doing anything different on these.

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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