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  • Can not TP to my bag

    • 10.9.22 Released

    Hello, I play on [US] Scourge PvE Zombie and I have been having a problem with TP on my bags. I have done multiple steps to fix it to no success. I have tried closing the game and steam relaunching, I verified game files, I have tried different bags, new bags, making sure my bag was at 100% health, and picking up the bags and putting them back down. I have plenty of net worth but I still get the same message weather I wait 10 mins or 1 hours it says "You'll need to wait a few moments before teleporting home again" I am able to TP to any other location I want on the map at any moment but not my bag. Please any help would be much appreciated, thank you

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    Players that have had similar experiences have tried the following.

    Unequip all items and remove from inventory. Press Esc in game, select suicide and log out (whilst dead). On login you should be dead and when you respawn again the problem should be fixed.

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