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  • CarLift auth issues

    • 10.10.21 Released

    Sofa_Texas — Today at 9:20 AM
    I went to help a friend get a salvaged car off the road to the junkyard to pull parts for his own cars he threw in parts and I was guna drive it to the lift I drove it on to the lift then it when deauth to me on lift and then driver door lock to  me but not to friend then I can only enter car threw passenger door and now all lifts are deauth to me and stuck

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    Relating to this, there is no way to 'share' a lift to make it publicly accessible anymore. The only way for another player to interact with it is if they are authorized on the tool cupboard.

    This means that players who run automated vehicle shops can no longer do so, as well as garages. This wipe we have a team with a very clever campground that is no longer able to provide services to their clients without letting them authorize first, which is very risky.

    If there was a way to add the 'share' button to the car lift, this would help things greatly.


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