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  • Chinook Not Dropping Crates Again On Survival Servers

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    I've watched three Chinooks come and go without dropping a crate. This is because there are four oil rigs and it travels to two of them, running the exact same pattern each time. By travelling to  two oil rigs, this throws the Chinook's timing off, compelling it to leave without dropping high-tier loot. This is the same problem as last wipe on both Survival and Scourge servers.  I wrote a detailed report about this last wipe. This happens around 80% of the time. I guess I'd rather have only two oil rigs than have the Chinook drop loot only 20% of the time. I assume this is happening on all the Survival servers, as they are all the same map. Can't anything be done about this. I do know that JP Survival does not need 4 oil rigs as the population is very low. 


    Also, whenever I use a bound key to open my backpack, it leaves the "loot all" graphics on my screen every time. I have to open a crate or a box to make it go away. 



    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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