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  • Chinook not dropping locked crates - JP Survival & Scourge

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    Between 66% and 75% of the time Chinook comes, it doesn't drop a crate on both JP Survival and Scourge. I noticed this always happens when it travels to two different oil rigs. Sometimes, it will fly right over airfield when it leaves but not drop a crate.

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    @Chinaski Are you sure that those chinooks are the chinook which should be dropping a crate?

    The chinooks that drop off the heavy scientists at the rigs will also fly over the island after dropping off the scientists and will also turn on the indicator light in the HUD so it can be deceiving as they do not drop a crate, only the 1 that spawns which a message in chat will.

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    After careful observation, and with a little dialogue with an admin, I believe I know why the Chinook isn't dropping crates on both Survival and Scourge. I believe it has to do with having four oil rigs on our maps. By travelling to two of them (around 80% of the time) the Chinook's natural timing is off slightly, and it "forgets" to drop the crate. As I said in the OP, it will often leave the map by flying over the airfield, and not drop one. The fact that it's happening on two different maps (Scourge/Survival) leads me to think it will be a common problem on future maps. This is a vast amount of great loot the servers are missing out on, and I hope Death or a dev can get this message. 

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