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  • Conveyors not working properly.

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    Conveor wont keep ticking wood into my refinery until the first tick ammount is compeltely gone. My auto refinery has its wood conveyor max value set at 10  and it doesn't maintain it like ti's suppsoed to, it only adds more wood after the 10 is gone and the refinery turns off. So i tried it with no max value which means 1k,  and it added the initial max tick size of 60 and same thing, it didnt add any more wood until after that 60 was gone and the refinery shut off because it momentarily had no wood.

    thanks team! ❤️

    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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    Same on US Survival. They sometimes receive the wood properly and sometimes not, crude is set to 300 and I never get more than 6 and as stated above if they don't receive more until what's there is gone so I must fill manually or the refineries stop. Furnaces and Quarry to furnaces are working great.

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