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  • Died in my base when ofline

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    both times I died was more or less on the same spot wayting for my plants to grow with both the lamps and the sprinklers on. and the first one I think I was logged of server, for I was afk but when I came back the computer had crashed and I logged back in to find I hade died but I was lucky to find my loot was stil there in an backpack and got it back but the second time I was doing the same thing but this time I loged of so I know I was of for this one and I had died again from the same spot but this time I did not get my loot back.

    I aded a pickture from the spot I died as recomended by admin


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    are you right on the edge of the build zone for the mil base or outpost? I was killed in base on a previous wipe and they thought the monument purge got me since I was built right on the edge of Dome.

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    Each of your offline deaths are logged as suicide by suicide suggesting this is the monument killing you when the loot respawns.
    I checked around your base and 1 edge goes right up to the build block restriction from the abandoned military base, I even put down a small shack the other side of your base between you and your neighbour to see if it would still kill slightly further away and it does.

    All we can really suggest is to log out naked with an empty inventory like dave said so you don't lose anything in the event of it happening again and to build a bit further away from monuments in the future.

    I do find it strange though that for over a week you've had no offline deaths while there and now in the last 2 days you've had 5.

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    ty for looking in to it and yea I wil just log of naked from now on this wipe and not build so close to monument the next one.

    but yea it is strange since I have had the base here since start of wipe whitout any problems and now I die like that every time I logg of for more than a few minuts.

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