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  • Electricity not working on US Scourge

    • 3.13.22 Released

    Hey there,

    I wanted to report that on the US Scourge server for RustEZ, the electricity has a huge delay, making it next to impossible to make working light switches, as they generally take 10+ minutes ( at least ) for the switch to change anything.

    I've currently got a base with no working lights as I was redoing them when I figured out that the lights weren't working, meaning that I am relying on weapon flashlights, i've seen many others with these issues.


    Thanks, Dyre

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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    Yeah, today theres been alot of delay or not working. My water system is doing the same. I try and use the in game gravity for my water but even that is not wanting to work. Also theres no way to do puzzles at the monuments because of the power issue. I finally got a red card but I guess I can't see whats under the clinic monument now. 😞 Thank you in advance for looking into this when you can Death. 🙂

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