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  • Entire Progression Erased On JP Scourge

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    I logged on to JP Scourge just now and it said I was killed by the Brad. Not possible. I logged off in my base, as I always do. Only way that's possible is if I was teleported there by an admin. Also, by base was gone. It had 5 1/2 days upkeep in it, so this is impossible, too. I suppose an admin could have deleted my base, but not sure why that would occur. All the items I had researched are still there, so it wasn't like a server wipe.


    I was hoping that someone could investigate this and see how and why this happened. I also lost around 10,000 lowgrade which took me three days to accumulate. Really a mess. Again, I hope that someone can investigate why this occurred. I would certainly like an explanation.





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    I logged on to JP Survival, expecting the worst, but was relieved to wake up in my own base. After awhile I saw I was carrying an MP5, which I ditched a day or two ago and began carrying an AK and HMLMG. Upon further inspection, It seems as my progression was scaled back a day or more on that server. I had more L96's in my possession and several AKs. Now I have only two L96s and zero AKs, and no HMLMGs.


    What is going on on the JP servers?!?!?!?! This is a lot of work tossed in the shitter.

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