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  • eu pure weird lag whilst pulling up map

    • 6.20.19 Released


    G brings up the map instant  but whilst mooving we rubberband like crazy and the release of G takes at least 3 seconds to close the map .

    and also the first time pressing g and releasing works fine but from the second time you get the lag issue (for me at least)



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    I get this issue too, and it's mostly annoying when flying a minicopter and you need to open the map to have an idea where you're headed, and after releasing the G key, you experience lag and the minicopter starts to pull up the nose, wich can cause you to crash

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    So today I saw the solution to this was to remove a bunch of people's shops from the map at random... I was one of the lucky ones to have all their icons disappear and I only run 3 shops, whereas we have some extreme people on the server who have like 40 shops in one zone...

    Not only now nobody will remember where my shop was but I'll be sitting on loads of LGF I can't do anything with...

    Great it got fixed but wouldn't it have been more reasonable to at least allow 1 icon per player instead of ruining people's business by randomly erasing them from the map completely?

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    • Staff
    22 hours ago, Death said:

    Releasing a temp "fix" until it's addressed by the game devs.

    temp means temporary, not permanent so when the devs fix it, it goes back to normal like i tried to expain you in game chat

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