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  • EU Scourge Electric and Fluid delay bug

    • 3.23.22 Released

    For the last few days at least there seems to be a large delay in the response time of electrical power after for example flipping a switch. Where it used to be almost/near enough instant, it now takes up to several seconds for lights to switch on, and for Sprinklers to respond. Some moments they go faster, some they go even way slower.

    The lights turn on in order of input/passthrough, and each light takes another second (average) to turn on.

    In my modest farm (24 planters) I have 24 lights installed and 3 water pumps with each 6 sprinklers. After flipping the sprinkler switch, the sprinklers start activating after about 5 seconds.

    My toon gets the Wet status, but the planters aren't receiving any water. My setup is as follows: Large water pump in the river -> Water barrel -> Fluid pump -> max 6 sprinklers, all powered electrically by: Testgenerator  output1-> Switch -> Branch1 -> branch2 -> Fluidpump1 (5 power) and branch3 ->fluidpump2 and branch4 -> fluidpump3 /// As well as: Testgenerator output2 ->switch ->Branch1 -> Branch2 -> Large water pump1 and branch3 -> large water pump2 and branch4 -> large water pump.


    It's a very simplistic setup I've used for the last few wipes and hasn't given me any problems before.

    The results after flipping the Sprinkler switch alternate between only the planters beneath the first 3 sprinklers getting water, or none of the planters getting water. I've double checked with another Player (Spring) and found the same results there.

    Using a Waterjug to fill a planter seems to work fine. It's quite possibly having to do with the way the Power/Water outputs/inputs work.


    In addition to this issue, I've learned from other players that they've noticed significant delays on Card Key Doors in monuments as well. SGTTuggle, among others, mentioned the card door at Large Oil taking about 4 to 5 seconds to open. He mentioned (after asking further) that the tell-tale beep of the cardreader reading the card was immediate however,  it was only the door opening that took several seconds.


    Taking all these things together makes it seem like EU Scourge is now enjoying the annoyances of the Electricity/Fluid bugs that plagued the US servers last wipe. I hope that means a similar solution might be the answer as well. I hope my information is helpful.


    Kind regards,

    -=Rohan=-  /// EU Scourge

    Added a small video of the average situation in my own farm currently. Like said, sometimes lower delay, sometimes higher.



    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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