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    I was online at 6:45PM and my base and loot was still here, I had to run out for two hours so I left my computer afk and logged in, and when I returned at 9:20PM I was kicked from the server and when I relogged my base, PJs, furnaces, refineries, all my bases, and loot in my backpack were all gone. Knight-Owell advised it was a bug/issue with the purge system and I was purged. Please look into this quickly, I know nothing decayed because I had just added 70K hqm to the TC. Knight said he wasnt able to assist and told me to report a bug for help.

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    I did just check Battlemetrics before hopping off the computer, it does seem to be a possible issue with the Purge System.

    I blotched out your steamID for privacy reasons, but for some reason the purge system reported you as inactive even though you were online. 

    So it looks like the issue is the Purge system randomly marking some players as inactive even though they're not.

    I'll mention the bug to those who are able to look into it, hopefully they get back with us soon.


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    8 hours ago, a 3/0 sc lauan said:

    The purge system goes off last log OUT not login or currently active.  So if you're on day 7 and dont log out before the purge system runs unfortunately all your stuff poofs 😞

    Unrelated. That was fixed a few months ago.

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