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    • 2.23.20 Released
     I can only ignite one boomer every 40 seconds. One will burn and extinguish then I can ingnite another, I got in contact with Facepunch. So, here is what Facepunch sent me back.
    " It is currently limited to 25 going off at once. This is not permanent, we will probably tweak it a bit in the future."
    So why, on  US Survivor, server can I only set off one at a time ?  I spent 2 days doing wiring and many more hrs tracking testing and recording information on this ...."bug?" I do not post untill I have all the facts. I have the facts. Unlike some I do my home work before I start posting, and I don't just pass it along as an "Oh well" when it doesn't directly affect me. IMO, there is obviously a bug here.

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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     I was wondering why no one else has mentioned this issue, with 9 servers going I was sure someone else would have tried to put on a show. So I have done my own investigation on this issue, facepunch says 25 at a time is the max.Yet I can only do one boomer at a time , 40 seconds apart on US survival. A nice young man on EU Pure has help me out , I went there and we were able to set off multiple boomers at once, There is obvioudsely a bug in the US survivor server

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    • Staff

    We do not control nor limit fireworks on our servers. If this is an issue it's an issue with the game and not us. I do see several servers reporting the same issue.

    I've forwarded this over to the devs.

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     REALLY ! Closed ?

    I can light as many as I want on EU pure, not on US survivor, but it is the game ? Sounds like it is a bug to me, any more updates? is anyone working in this? THIS IS A SERVER BUG ! NOT A GAME ISSUE. 

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    • Staff

    The firework limit is 25 at once but is a server-wide limit. So if other players are also lighting fireworks that would count towards the overall limit.

    The underlying issue is still unknown. I'm thinking the collection that stores active fireworks is not pruning expired/exhausted fireworks causing the limit to always exceed 25. I'll have to do some internal testing to determine if this is the cause.

    If this were to be the issue I can modify the server files and fix it until Facepunch can. Otherwise, there's nothing I can do. I will keep this report closed unless I find a solution, in which then I'd mark as fixed.

    I will look into this further this weekend.

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