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  • furnaces refineries and fireplace stop working

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    from help ticket :


    I am having an issue with furnaces fireplace refineries where they appear to be workig (visible flame) but they stop producing coal and they no longer cook crude...ore...raw food. The white flame icon goes away as well. I have never had an issue with this until last wipe where it happened to everyone and everyone had to turn their furnaces etc... off and back on. I also did this but unlike it seems everyone else,  mine must be done after every restart (with maybe one or 2 exceptions). I was told it was me. I assure you I have been doing this long enough that it isn't a setup problem. i never run out of wood and if I do , they turn off (no visible flame). I was also told to pick up the furnaces etc... and replace. This made no difference. Was told to do the same with conveyors with same result. Now it a fres wipe and I am having to turn them off and on again to get them working. Please help!!!! Please!!!!

    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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    Also throwing in some messages from eu scourge earlier while talking to some players and asking for their input on the issue.

    No_Quarter: I had it happen with regular furnaces and stone fireplace
    Panther: furnance, bbq, campfire are affected for sure
    Panther: fireplace also
    No_Quarter: yeah had it happen with and without pipes
    Panther: not pipes 100%
    No_Quarter: maybe high amount causes some leak
    No_Quarter: cause it never happened on things where I limit how much it has
    Cartmon: Someone else said that, they said they had the issue when they didn't cap their wood
    Panther: true. if a conveyor is limited to reasonable amount it wount happen
    Cartmon: but when they capped it at 8k then it stopped but another player tried that and it still had the issue
    Panther: mine are capped in vanilla amounts inside at every moment
    Cartmon: vanilla as in 1k wood? and it still happens or that stopped it?
    Panther: never happends if it`s limited to vanilla

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