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  • Ghosts in the machine !

    Master Chief
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    Hi guys.

    sorry to bring another problem to the table...

    I'm not asking for replacements or anything, Just advising of an issue im having that defies logic.


    when i die and revive and or  TP home items in my bags are moved at random and  items disappear..

    sort of like when u die n revive your hot bar is never in hte same place except your entire back pack has been shuffled.  its only ever  one square. so either 1 item or a full stack of ammo. what ever was in the icon spot.     weather the bp is full or 1 or 2 items in it seems to make no difference in hte ghosting, 

    I've tested it out but does not seem to be at every jump.. I cant seem to make it happen when i;m watching for it...


    Good luck.

    oh ,, while i mentioned this in global chat i had 2 others who said they though the same thing had happened no i have mentioned it...  BUT.......

    items ghosting :

    med sticks





    water pump




    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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    It has always shuffled the items around in your clothing slots and toolbar but inventory and backpack should not be affected, I myself have not experienced your issue with missing items but Death might be able to see something I cant


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