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  • Heli attack behavior

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    we had an issue on EU Pure where heli agroed on a player while they were inside their base and they were killed. Heli still stayed in the area and continued to fire on the base destroying most of it. while still in the area, it agroed on another player who was also inside their base but was not heli safe and it was destroyed as well. While this was happening, another player was hitting heli from their tower but weren't able to get it's attention. The one time it did go to the player that was trying to take it, the heli made a single pass at their base and then flew back to the area where the original player was killed

    Priority: Medium Server: Pure

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    Happened on US Pure as well, player was in their base and heli safe but heli would not unaggro. Stayed in area until despawn time but upon flying  out to despawn made 2 rocket runs on another players base while he was safe inside and crafting.

    Noticed the weird behavior, Smokey and myself tested a twig 1x1 and heli kept aggro on me but not a single shot fired. It was a "natural" spawn that should've given up and sought out its next target.

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