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  • Heli Disappearing Act

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    Bug occurred on EU at around 10:25 EST

    Based on my knowledge, heli attacked someone (not sure if sleeper, away, or what) and either killed or failed to kill them. At that time one other individual was firing at heli trying to draw its attention.

    Heli was hellbound on making sure the original person was dead and so was circling above for a while. Whenever the heli was tagged nothing would happen. Heli started smoking, then *poof*! Vanished into thin air.

    I wish I had more info than that. Sapnu Puas has also reported this on discord and may have more info.

    Priority: Low Server: Survival

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    yes , i had to tag it atleast 10 times before it would come over to me , and then when it finally did i managed to get it smoking and it just left mid fight and vanished , the heli had only just spawned and was a lvl 3 if that helps 

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    The patrol helicopter has a 30 minute spawn timer and will despawn after it's up. It won't aggro near the end as it typically flies out into the ocean before actually despawning.

    The only time it would despawn during combat is if something held it up and the timer expired before it could fly off such as admin intervention or it getting stuck on terrain.

    This would be a game bug so I'll forward this bug report over to Facepunch for review.

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