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  • intercepted6 heli.

    • 2.8.20 Released

    Hi. I used a heli intercept smoke signal and the heli soon after disappeared. i understand the 5 min despawn timer but when i threw  the smoke there was no heli currently on the map. i called it in personally and within 15 - 20 secs of fighting said heli it promptly disappeared. it didn't just fly off or despawn out of sight. it literally disappeared during a rocket strafing run. Multiple players saw this happen and were also confused which is why i posted in help in the first place. also about the rockets, multiple times the rocket barrage only let off one rocket. its hard to explain. the single rocket would fire when the heli was directly over my base. it was like a homing missle instead of the normal barrage and would hit directly where i stood. 

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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    id also like to add i do not use a "tower" to fight heli. it is  just a 2 story bunker. idk if this has anything to do with this bug but the bunker is in the top left of v26 on scourge if any admin would like to try and re create this. 

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