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  • Issue with /Sil images going blank (US Pure)

    Net-Viper X
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    I am having an issue with certain pictures going blank after I use the /Sil command. It is always the same three pictures, the rest of the images I have uploaded are working fine. These blanks are also blank when others view them. I can pick the picture up and click it in my inventory and the image will return for me when I place it again, but it is still not visible to others. File sizes for the images are small, with two being around 36-7k and one being 74k. Two of them are on small wooden signs and one is a portrait picture frame. All pictures are jpg format and the only thing in common I can find between the three images is that they all have a high proportion of white or light colors in them. I have attached the images here and the image host I am using is Flickr.

    I will add to this post if I gain any addition insight on the issue.


    Thank you.





    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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    I tried destroying all three signs and crafting new ones, and the two small wooden signs appear to be working now. The new portrait frame still will not accept the picture. I also deleted the original images from flickr and reuploaded them, still no luck getting the image to work on the portrait frame. When I use the sil command it says the picture was added to download que then successfully loaded to the sign, but the portrait remains blank. I have tried putting this same picture on a wooden sign and it works fine. I have added other pictures to portrait frames in the previous day and they worked, but now when I try adding one of these other pictures to this portrait frame they also do not display and portrait remains blank.

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