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  • Items randomly disappearing from inventory or boxes

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    I literally just crafted a number medical syringes, then crafted 9 Large Medkits  (to make it up to 10)... I then crafted 10 more large Medkits.... then all of a sudden I was back to 1 Large medkit in my inventory. The missing medkits were NOT on the floor (I had about 5 empty places in my inventory) or in my back pack. Anyway I crafted more med-pens and then more med kits - they were fine this time.
    The amount of left-over lowgrade in my inventory is correct for the first amount of med-pens and large med-kits made as well as the second amounts made. 
    Occasionally this wipe I have noticed the odd items or scrap go missing from either my inventory or storage boxes. 
    I'm not sure it its lag or something going on with my internet.
    A couple other players said they've experienced similar.

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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    ok, i have had the same issue.. the first time i put 1700 scrap in a box.. and it vanished. i looked in every single box in my base at least 5 times each, and nothing. i though perhaps i dropped it on Accident... until just now.. i crafter 2k GP, put it in a box by my TC and 30 seconds later it vanished. 

    is this a glitch? or a new hack  for hackers

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    I don't know if its a FacePunch bug or glitch of some kind. I drove myself crazy looking everywhere in case they were dropped (I used a salvaged hammer to pick up crafting workbench to 'look underneath', just in case. But nothing 😭
    I had  5 empty slots in my inventory (3 in inventory and 2 on my toolbelt), so I didn't have a full inventory.
    Its pretty confusing when stuff just disappears like that, literally a second after crafting it.
    To be honest I kinda thought for a second that maybe my inventory was getting accessed somehow by a hacker LOL - but that's a little too paranoid, even for me! 😆 

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    added extra sentence to clarify
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