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    Iggy Cotton
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    I'll do my best to describe this oddity over LGF.. (and I hate to bother you with this)  However,  I'll start at the beginning.. I empty my Oil Refineries (4) and restock with Crude I've received over the past 12 hours from my Pumpjack, (I do this twice daily around 7 AM/PM) I use the Gathered LGF to restock my Pumpjack to 30k and my Quarry to 36500 LGF and place the remainder of the "Gathered" in my storage box in my main base building.  But as of late,  basically in the morning run, I seem to be short LGF in both Pumpjack and Quarry by around 5K+ each causing me to go to my storage and grab another 10k+ just to bring the PJ and Quarry to levels I maintain. 

    I've been watching my totals going in and coming out of oil refineries closely .. Making sure they stay equal and they have been.. So no problem there.

    The loss has happened 3 or 4 times as of late and it happened again this morning... I had to go grab 10K+ just to bring my PJ and quarry to the levels I maintain.

    It's only in the over night it seems to go missing and the morning refill I find the loss. AND Not every night and it's never the same exact amount.. But always over 10K Missing

    IT's Just Plain Odd...  Yet, it's noticeable because I need to grab extra for do my restocking... And Never happens at the PM restocking... LOL! 

    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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