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  • Latency when activating Lights

    • 7.18.20 Released

    players are reporting issues with lights and sprinklers after last restart. Unable to reproduce they are seeing large latency time from turning on lights to the lights activating.

    Today at 7:13 PM
    @jacktapper  I tried my lights above my planters, took a min before the 1st of 8 ceiling lights turn on

    Priority: High Server: Scourge

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    At water treatment, after putting in the first fuse, it took a while for the "lever" to be usable. Afterwards trying to open the door to get out with the button took 15+ seconds before it occurred (the green light telling that there is power was lit).

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    I've got two different electrical systems not working properly. A generic auto-night lights system that doesn't turn on at all (was automatically turned on between I believe 20:00-6:00 game time, give or take an hour here and there) as well as my auto-watering system where both my timers do not react at the same time but with at least a 2 second delay between each other, which shouldn't happen. Can always provide a Rustrician layout or even show my in-game wiring if needed.

    Edit: I'm noticing my auto-night lights turning on during the daytime, like 10:00, but it power trickles in between each ceiling light. They turn on one by one, maybe 5 mins between each light despite having more than sufficient amount of electricity going from passthrough to power in.

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    My auto sprinkler system stopped working. The power isn't triggering fast enough on the timers to activate my blockers before the timer runs out.

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    I can confirm what Sararainmaker is experiencing. My auto-night lights don't turn on again or would trickle down the chain as it did before with about 4/15 working at a time. Unsure of my auto-sprinklers ATM since I changed the circuit a bit but it may be affected as well.

    Edit: From what I've been noticing, not sure if it's 100% true or not, my sprinkler circuitry is only powered by solar panels meaning they lose power at night but it works as it is suppose to normally. My auto-night lights are powered 24/7 and seems to be the only thing being affected now.

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    Here's what I am seeing:

    Monument puzzles electrical systems are experiencing a progressively longer delay as the server uptime increases. It seems specific to electrical systems, although water systems as a subset of electrical may also have some complaint.

    This behavior is similar to when you reach your maximum stack and have to resort to fair arbitrary rotation in order to make sure all the work gets done, but there is simply not enough CPU to get it all done in time. So time slips, and things take longer than expected. There may be a server configuration variable that defines how big the electrical systems timer stack is, or it may be incorporated into a global timer. Regardless, it indicates that more and more and more timers are being added to the stack and at some point it is too much.

    The way the problem presents, it may be a buggy circuit, or it may be some sort of game bug. There may also be debugging available for the server config, but usually a debug like that would be hugely lag inducing, so not something that can be run full-time. Unsure of how to go about locating the source of very large, or malicious wiring in game, but I'm thinking on it.

    Also, it appeared that once all the monuments puzzles had stopped working, none of the animals would run, and zombies were very few. If anybody else noticed this, please say so!

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