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  • low grade fuel dissapear after server crash.

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    Hello dear RustEz staff, this is Iron, a player of your eu-survival server. we had 3 server crashes. the first and second ones was on 26/05/2024, after the crash we lost our storage adaptors and pipe connections on  pumpjacks and mining quarries, this is a old bug and I know that you are working to fix it. but the new thing is that,  after the third crash which was  on 27/05/2024,  all of the  low grade fuel on my 8 mining quarries was gone also I check my boxes it was not a roll back cuz I didnt have the lgf in my boxes, other players lost their low grade fuel in their pump jacks and qurries as well.

    This lgf dissapearing bug started happing this wipe to me and other players. it would be great if you can check the bug and try fixing it, cuz loosing lgf, effects our networth progress on survival servers. 

    note:( if you need to check anything about my quarries my base is located at C-11) 

    thank you in advance. 

    wish you a great day.


    Priority: High Server: Survival

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