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    I've noticed some missing items from my inventory recently such as clothing, etc. My metal chest plate seemed to just disappear into thin air lol. I'm not sure if it has to do with the recent issues with the servers. I thought I would mention incase others have had missing items as well. 



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    This is something I have noticed as well.

    I had a box of 10 mixing tables - then went to get them a day or so later and all mixing tables gone from the box (these were bought from the black market)

    I had fluid switch and pumps in my inventory while afk, then they disappeared. I then went back to my main base to make some more.

    I sort of noticed this last wipe, but it seems to be a bit more obvious/happening more this wipe. I've noticed in chat a few people have mentioned missing items as well.

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    it's rare but does happen that a random box, workbench goes missing from a players base from time to time.
    2 players reported that the amount of crude/lgf didn't add up to the 60k deposited amount of lgf in their private pjs, the server hadn't recently rebooted or crashed.

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