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  • Monument Stone Quarry (U18) is bugged

    • 10.5.20 Released

    I went by the quarry and dropped off 500 fuel, the machine appeared to already be on and was making noise. I left to go to Bandit camp and when I came back and checked on it no stone had been farmed. Additionally, I went to the top (thinking I had just forgot to turn the machine on) and it's not giving me a prompt to do so. It shows all the belts running but the buckets are not moving also it's not making noises. One other side note. When checking the "Output" for the stone the UI represented the "Fuel Storage" UI instead of the normal one. The pictures provided below depict me looking inside the Fuel storage showing the fuel inside, the "Output" where the stone is supposed to be collected from and then me at the top of the Monument without a on screen prompt to turn the machine on.

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    Much of what you're seeing, OP, is intentional function of the new quarries, but some not. I'm seeing the same from HQM quarry right now on US Scourge. Others report it to be functional but I watched 50 fuel melt in it. The output side has the label of "Fuel Storage" like the fuel storage side does. I'm not certain whether it always did and couldn't get people saying it worked to confirm what they saw there, going to check out other quarries and see if I can see a difference.

    Lost a ton last night too, sleeping before the message came about don't. Could perhaps the virtual containers empty into their owners inventories on closing rather than just wiping? Presume it takes a reboot without that functionality to implement that, but if it can be done it would be a good fail safe for the likely further reboots that will be required.

    Update: Stone quarry is functioning for me, fuel storage is the name of the output and it's 6 slots wide too. Went back to HQM and its still eating fuel, Spooky Poo reports same result from HQ.

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    Sulfur quarry the same as Stone. Functioning! Output inventory 6 slots and called fuel storage, I'm fairly sure I saw a larger output inventory yesterday at least on the stone quarry, I pulled more than 6 stack out, but who can trust memory.

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    I’m having similar issues where I can start and stop the quarry but I can’t access prompts and ouptut resource. I’m not able to put low grade in my quarry or upgrade via prompt. I was able to route JPipes to add low grade and piped the resources to furnace/boxes but really looking at upgrading so I can start making HQMs. 

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