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  • Mysterious deaths, broken feet, ghost trees, and murderous workbenches.

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    In the Outpost courtyard with the clothing vending machine, there are odd barriers on top preventing people from dismounting or mounting a mini. They can, if flying solo, change seats. Once landing on top of the building, players are having a problem lifting off. They seem to snag on the barriers and lose control. So that has been able to be duplicated.

    Players feet are displaying oddly for different people. One person might see everything fine, but another sees the feet club-like, or twisted 180 degrees.

    Ghost trees: Several players have commented on cutting trees, rather attempting to, but the trees are not there. As if nothing at all is there despite a clearly defined tree before them. Relogging briefly fixed the issue, but occasionally the ghost trees reappear.

    The workbench death? Have not been able to duplicate it. We have eliminated exposure/hunger/injury. The player was simply using the workbench and dropped dead. Battlemetrics is not working at a level to help resolve this.

    Both myself and one of the affected players relogged and did the update, to be sure of no issues. Still have broken feet, still have the issue at outpost. 

    What other steps can we take or have our players take to rule out player side issues, or to correct these random little blips?


    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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